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To get an accurate quote if living outside of Cheltenham, please include the estimated time and distance from Cheltenham (GL51 0TF) to the collection address.

Load Type 1 Full Load (LWB Van)

(Dedicated van on the date needed)

Load Type 2 Part Load (LWB Van)

(Shared van load, flexible dates required)

Load Type 3 Back Load (LWB Van)

(Load on van returning to or towards Cheltenham / Gloucestershire collected after completing an earlier round, flexible dates required)

VEHICLE INFO We have a fleet of LWB Volkswagen Crafters and LWB Mercedes Sprinters. If enquiring in sending pallets all our vehicles can transport up to 4 standard pallets up to approx 6ft tall, or 2 Euro Pallets & 3 Stardard Pallets up to approx 6pt fall.

Need To Send A Parcel? For Local Customers Goods Up TO 25KG Is Simpily

Collect from Cheltenham & Uk Delivery for only

£19.95 + vat

Collect from Gloucester & Uk Delivery for only

£24.95 + vat

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Our services for the average home owner range from a courier to collect and deliver goods for Internet sellers.
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Find out about our range of transport solutions from delivering a parcel or pallet to long term contracts customized for your companies needs

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